I-29/Madison Street

Sioux Falls, South Dakota

South Dakota Department of Transportation

Synopsis of Work: This project consisted of approximately 1.17 miles of Interstate 29 from south of Russell Street to the railroad bridges north of the 12 th Street Interchange, and approximately 1.03 miles of Madison Street from Marion Road to about 150’ east of the Louise Avenue intersection. Interstate 29 was widened to 3 lanes of concrete pavement in both the south and northbound directions and has 10’ concrete shoulders. Interstate 29 now goes over Madison Street instead of under. Madison Street was widened to 2 lanes of concrete pavement with curb and gutter in both the east and westbound directions and the east and westbound lanes were separated by a raised concrete median curb. The median will be colored a “Buff Tan” and will have openings to accommodate left turning traffic at Terry Avenue, the I-29 interchange, Lyons Avenue and Louise Avenue. Madison Street has duel left turn lanes for traffic getting on to Interstate 29. New sidewalk was constructed along Madison Street. Construction started on March 22, 2004, with work sequenced in 3 phases with sub-phase in each. Phase 1 consisted of preliminary work that was used to maintain traffic during construction. The work in Phase 2 was to construct the southbound lanes of Interstate 29 and part of Madison Street. In Phase 3 the northbound lanes of Interstate 29 were built and Madison Street was completed. An aggressive schedule along with great partnering between subcontractors, SDDOT, Ellis Eastern Railroad and the City of Sioux Falls was used to complete this project on time as well as meeting interim completion dates. This project was open to traffic on November 16, 2004.